Kim Kardashian is a mum, but don’t for one second think the reality star has lost any of her edge. And by edge, we mean propensity for steamy Instagram pictures. It was a real throwback to her pre-Kanye days, doubling up as an opportunity to show off her newly toned post-baby body in a skimpy white swimsuit.

Kim Kardashian, Los Angeles, California
Kim K is back to flaunting her body.

The throwback was welcome, since we’ve seen a lot of changes in Kim K’s style lately, probably corresponding ot the major shifts in her personal life. The once dark-haired, pink-lipped, neon-and-leopard-skin-wearing reality starlet has switched over to blonde tresses and earthy hues. She has also tended to wear baggy clothing, trench coats and various other figure concealing items in the past four months since giving birth to baby North. Finally, the trenchcoat is off and the internet can enjoy the fruits of Kim K's labour - no, not that labour. 

According to Life and Style magazine, the photo, which has now earned Kardashian a lot of flack, was a planned move on the part of Kim and Kanye, in order for the new mother to show off her post-pregnancy weight loss. The star lost close to 70lbs using the Atkins diet (also known as the low-carb diet) and simply wanted to announce her weight loss progress to her instagram followers. Instead, the photo prompted judgemental tweets like: “I don't know how to feel about this Kim Kardashian pic. Too much on the backside??” 

Moral of the story: being a celebrity isn’t easy and criticism is always just around the corner. Or something to that effect. Then again, she does have all those millions to make up for it.

Kim Kardashian, LAX
Does this spell the end for the brown trench coat?