Oh, right, Kim Kardashian is still married. We'd completely forgotten that her husband, Kris Humphreys, is making it very difficult for Kim to get her divorce finalised. At the time of their split it was highly publicised because their marriage lasted only 72 days. Now, as Kim's relationship with Kanye West gets more and more serious, no doubt Kim wants that divorce to come through so she and Kanye can up the level of their relationship status. 

Now, as the legal proceedings stagnate, Kris has pretty much cufflinked Kim, as TMZ put it, and has apparently sent a deposition order for Kanye. Kris is looking for an annulment rather than a divorce and also, apparently, wants to get around the prenuptual agreement that he signed, which basically states that he gets nothing from Kim. Uh-oh! It looks like he doesn't have a leg to stand on right now.

According to E! the problem that Kris is facing is that some documents he's requested from a variety of sources simply haven't materialised. Particularly documents from Kris Jenner and the wedding planner. Kim's lawyer claims that that it's a "fraud case". She added, "Miss Kardashian has a right to have her 72-day marriage-[for] which she has a prenup-resolved... She has that right."