Kim Kardashian has thrown away her wardrobe four times since giving birth.

The reality TV star - who gave birth to her first child, North West, in June - has reportedly opted to overhaul her entire collection of clothing numerous times in order to motivate her baby weight loss.

A source explained to Yahoo! omg: ''Kim has changed virtually her entire wardrobe four times since North was born, at each stage of her weight loss. She's shed 28lbs since June and has gone from oversized to tight-fitting ensembles. She's discarding tons of outfits and replacing them weekly.

''She doesn't want any reminder of how fat she was, it depresses her. The clothes are thrown out as soon as they look baggy and 'over'.''

The 32-year-old beauty recently flaunted her trimmer figure while in Paris with boyfriend Kanye West for Paris Fashion Week and has reportedly been inundated with expensive outfits from top designers.

The insider added: ''Her Paris trip gave her a new designer contact and a fashion boost, resulting in another wardrobe ditching as soon as she got back. ... It's like an assembly line of hugely expensive designer gear that comes through the door and goes out again.''

Kim has been hard at work to return to her pre-baby weight and recently revealed she has turned to the controversial Atkins diet - which limits the intake of carbohydrates - to shift additional pounds.