It's the show that made her career, but that was a long time ago and now Kim Kardashian is a global megastar in her own right with an adorable baby and famous husband in the form of Kanye West. Could Kim now be set to do the unthinkable and ditch 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'?

Kim Kardashian
Kim pictured at the MTV VMAs last week

According to The Mirror, yes. Kanye has never been shy about his dislike of the reality show, especially since he's quite private about his life outside the music industry. Since the pair began to date, there has been an almost constant media circus around them. Having already banned their daughter North West from appearing in the show, Kanye is now angling for his wife to do the same. 

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The show has been running for nine seasons and filming on the tenth is set to get underway soon, although it could be delayed due to disputes about security. The reality series is responsible for launching the Kardashians and Jenners into the public eye, but now they're in the spotlight, maybe the show has outstayed its welcome. Certainly Kim doesn't need to rely on it anymore, having turned her hand to every other profession under the sun: app creator, photographer, fashion designer, the list is endless. 

Apparently the family clashed when Kim refused to allow total filming of her wedding to Kanye for the show at his request. This little tiff demonstrates the difference between Kim and her family, particularly business-minded mum Kris Jenner, who still sees the show as a huge money-spinner, particularly since Kim is so in demand. But without Kim it's difficult to imagine the show continuing, especially since Bruce Jenner and daughter Kendall are also rumoured to be leaving. 

We can't say we blame Kim though- having your life play out so publically must be exhausting, and maybe it is time for a change of scene for the Kardashian-West clan!

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