Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been picking out baby names.

Although the pair plan to wait to have kids until Kim's divorce from husband Kris Humphries comes through, they both want a daughter and have been discussing names for their future offspring.

A source said: ''Kim wants a girl and Kanye does too. They have started picking out secret baby names. They talk about what life will be like when they are 50 with three kids - two girls and a boy.

''Kanye is willing to wait out the lengthy divorce. Kris won't give in and sign the divorce papers and is making her life a living hell.''

Kim can't wait to have children with Kanye because she thinks he will be a fantastic father.

The source added to America's OK! magazine: ''Kim has realised what a stabilising force Kanye is in her life. It reassures her about that a stable father he would be to a child.''