Kim Kardashian started a storm back in October when she posted a selfie of her famous behind after she'd been working out, simultaneously generating a new term "belfie" and sparking thousands of copycat attempts keen for the same level of attention. The snap rocketed around the world as Kim's post-pregnancy weight loss was marvelled at.

Kim Kardashian Gold
Kim's New Workout 'Belfies' Have Raised A Few Eyebrows.

Now, presumably spurred on by the publicity she gained before and eager for more, Kim has posted two more body images to show the world how her strict fitness regime is coming along. Pictured alongside her friend and workout partner, Blac Chyna, Kim flaunts both of their curvy bodies clad in gym gear in the new Instagram photos.

However, alongside a deluge of congratulatory internet attention, Kim Kardashian has gained a number of accusations from Instagram users that the new image has been doctored, or photoshopped, to exaggerate Kim's curves for the camera. Indeed, on the image that focusses on the pair's backsides, the door frame behind them does appear to be warped but not enough that it could be conclusively claimed that the former sex tape star did try to enhance her bum.

Since the birth of her first daughter, North West, with fiancé Kanye West in July, Kim has made no secret of her urgent need to shed the weight she gained whilst pregnant. Whilst many have criticised the reality TV personality for seemingly prioritising losing weight over motherhood, Kim has not tried to hide her feelings towards carrying the extra pounds.

Last month, reports emerged that the 33 year-old was aiming for an unhealthy size zero goal and hoped to get there by following the strict no-carb Atkins diet regime, eating just 1000 calories a day and exercising as much as possible. The TV star is now estimated to have lost roughly 50 pounds but is determined to be even smaller.

 Kim Kardashian
New Mother Kim Has Made No Secret Of Wanting To Get In Better Shape.

Within the same week, Kim came under scrutiny for her questionable decision to donate just 10% of her eBay charity auction proceeds to charity. In a lengthy blog post defending her actions, Kim gave an insight into what it's like being constantly in the press. "Being in the public eye, there are times I feel like I get criticized for any and everything I do," Kim wrote. "I'm used to it now. I just choose not to feed into negativity or become consumed by it."