Kim Kardashian has to be one of the most famous mothers in the world right now.

Her and Kanye West's baby daughter, North West, was welcomed to the world in June 2013 and since then a media frenzy has surrounded the family's new addition.

But how has Kim coped with the transition from being a celebrity socialite to a celebrity mom?

The reality TV star took part in a Mobio Insider Q&A session with her fans from around the globe and answered questions on being a mother as well as family.

One fan asked Kim, "How did you feel now being a mother?"

The 33 year-old replied, "It completely changed my life. You have a different set of proprieties. Nothing matters except your brand new family."

The Kardashian sister also revealed her family was "everything" and it is "the reason we exist...especially during the holidays" after another fan asked her about the importance of family.

If anyone is wondering what Kim is up to these days she revealed, "Being a mommy, and tour life with daddy," is taking up most of her times but assures, "these days are the best."

Although Kim and Kanye have made an effort to not let their daughter be photograph in public, the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star shared a pic of North West on her Instagram page with the caption reading, "SMILE."

The adorable shot of the their baby girl was seen cracking a smile in an all-white outfit while snuggling up to a blanket, it is clear North West resembles a look of both her famous parents.