Aww, isn’t Kim Kardashian just the sweetest? Ok, so inviting two fans to the VIP section at Kanye West’s New Orleans gig Thursday was at least in part a publicity stunt, but still – you can’t argue with K&K brightening a young fan’s day, right? The unlikely meeting came about on Twitter, as these things usually do. 19-year-old Myleeza tweeted at the reality starlet before the show had begun, saying: “I’m looking for Kim SO hard while we wait for Yeezy to come out. Wya sis?”

Kim Kardashian, LA
You've got to hand it to Kim - she really knows how to win her fans' devotion.

She probably wasn’t expecting a response from Kim herself, but she got one anyway, as the 33-year-old Kardashian sister asked Myleeza to come join her. "I'm sending someone to go get you so you can come sit with me!!!" Kardashian wrote back. "Need your seat # & section. DM me ASAP!!!"

This is probably the present day equivalent to a fairy godmother moment right there. The excited fan later recounted the full story on her various social networks.

"Kim's security came to get me & Sara (my friend) and when we got to the VIP section...Kim immediately stood up and waved for us and said, 'Hey Myleeza! Thank you for coming!" the teen said.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West
Even at a Kanye gig, she still managed to snag the spotlight for a bit.

She also shared a few words about her meeting with Kanye West: “"He was sooooooooo niceeeee! I said, 'Oh my God! We're taking a pic with the couple of the universe!"

After all the excitement, Myleeza and the “couple of the universe” said their goodbyes, leaving the excited teen more starstruck than ever: “"Kim said, 'Bye Myleeza! Thank you guys so much for coming!' I said, 'No, thank you sis! I love you! And she said, 'I love you too!' The end ! Best moment of all my 19 years of living."

To top it all off, Kardashian responded to Myleeza the very next day, saying that she also had “the best time.” We can only wonder what prompted the friendly response from Kim K, but it does give all excitable Yeezy fans out there hope that maybe, on some other night, it could be them meeting their idols. Probably not though.

And it all started with a single tweet.