Kim Kardashian may be pregnant and in a loving relationship now (we hope), but drama continues to haunt her.

You’d think that in a marriage, which only lasted for 72 days, it shouldn’t be too hard to get a divorce, right? Apparently it is, because the divorce proceedings with Kris Humphries – and the media hysteria that goes with them – are still ongoing. Not surprisingly, reality star Kim Kardashian is the one who wants to keep everything low key and to get it over with as soon as possible – ideally, before she is due to give birth in July.

According to E!News, in January Kim’s legal team filed a motion, requesting an earlier trial date to be set or for a judge to rule a divorce, not reliant upon the financial disparities between her and Humphries. In addition to Kim and her family repeatedly stating that they just want the whole thing to be over, this makes it quite hard to understand why the divorce is still taking such a long time. In response to Kim’s attorneys, Humphries’s legal representative also filed a motion to block the request, stating that Kardashian was only using her pregnancy as an excuse to speed up the divorce. Even if that’s the case though, it seems like a pretty solid excuse, so what’s the problem? Our bet would be on those aforementioned financial disparities. In any case, this is far from the final word on the case. After all, a determined rich girl with a competent legal team can be a force to be reckoned with. Humphries certainly has his work cut out for him.