Kim Kardashian has slammed tabloid magazine In Touch Weekly for claiming she stole Eva Longoria's man Eduardo Cruz, the younger brother of Hollywood actress Penelope Cruz.
In the latest issue of the magazine, Kim is accused of "reaching a new low" by "throwing herself at Eduardo", the estranged boyfriend of Longoria. They claim Kardashian stole Cruz from the Desperate Housewives star earlier this month despite the fact they had been dating for a year. Never one to shy away from controversy, Kardashian immediately took to her Twitter page upon hearing about the story, telling followers, "I'm used to rumors & almost never address them.Buuuut..It's not ok when magazines like InTouch involve my close friends in their made up stories.They were told by multiple people that their current cover isn't true, but they decided to go ahead. & run it anyway. So there you have it".
Kim and Eva are understood to have been close friends for several years. Back in 2009, the pair celebrated New Year's Eve one night early for the television cameras at the official launch of Eva's nightclub and restaurant Beso in Hollywood.