Kim Kardashian used to be "freaked out" by tall men.

The 30-year-old socialite - who is currently dating NBA basketball player Kris Humphries - admitted when her sister Khloe first started dating her now-husband Lamar Odom, she was terrified of him.

She said: "I was really afraid of tall guys like seriously, they really freaked me out and they always looked really awkward. When Khloe met Lamar, when I first met him I was like, 'Don't stand up!' It really scares me."

However, Kim explained she now thinks she's a "hypocrite" because she loves feeling "tiny and small" against her towering beau.

Speaking on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno', she added: "I'm like the biggest hypocrite now because I feel so tiny and small and so protected. It's like the best feeling in the world to be with a really tall guy, you feel so safe all the time and skinny and tiny!"

Khloe Kardashian - Kim's 26-year-old sister - recently revealed Kris will have to survive a family "initiation" before he is truly accepted into the fold.

She said: "I don't think Kris knows what he's getting into. He hasn't been around all of us yet. He hasn't been to my mom's house with the chaos, so the initiation process will happen this summer - if he lasts. If he can get out of that alive then he's good to stay."