Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney Kardashian arrived at the David Letterman show last night looking made up to the nines, with Kim sporting a sleek trouser suit and Kourtney opting for a more feminine look. As the blacked-out vehicles carrying the reality TV stars pulled up to the New York studios, it took a little while for either sister to emerge, as Kim was preened by an assistant, getting her hair smoothed right down before she faced the waiting paparazzi, who can be heard wrongly reassuring each other “that’s Kourtney.” 

Kim had opted for a smart, androgynous look (well, if you discount the towering black and white peep-toe heels she had on), her hair was side-parted and slicked down (thanks partly to hair product, we imagine and partly to her assistant who hurriedly patted it down for her before she turned to face the cameras). She wore a smart black trouser suit and white blouse and remained expressionless as she pouted for the waiting cameras. Her sister Kourtney had her hair braided in a plait across her head, and a slash of red lipstick to counteract her monochrome outfit. She’d opted for a white dress with black stilettos.

Once they were inside and chatting to Letterman, Kim took the opportunity to counteract all of those ’72 day marriage’ jokes about her ill-fated partnership with Kris Humphries. Calling out Letterman for mocking the relationship, Kim pointed out that she was technically still married. “Well those jokes really can’t work, because I’ve really been married for almost 2 years… So it hasn’t been 72 days, it’s been almost 2 years. So those jokes have to stop.” 

Kourtney Kardashian, David Letterman ShowKim Kardashian, David Letterman Show

Kourtney Kardasian (L) and Kim Kardashian (R) arriving for David Letterman's show, in style