Kim Kardashian’s pregnamcy trials and tribulations have been occupying a lot of the media’s time lately and her family has been leaping to her defense each time. The latest news isn’t really what you’d call embarrassing stuff. The eldest Kardashian sister had more of a Marilyn moment really, while she was strolling along the windy streets of Beverly Hills. At the perfect moment for the ever-present paps to snap a few photos, the dress – a piece from Kim’s very own Kardashian Kollection, went flying up, exposing Kim to the cameras.

To her credit though, the mother-to-be took the incident in stride, smoothed down her skirt and went on her way, not neglecting to flash a smile at the cameras. All the rumors and criticism around her pregnancy have taken their toll on Kim and co., if the Kardashians’ social media presence is anything to go by. There’s a plus side though, as the mom-to-be has apparently toughened up and is now handling all the attention like a pro, which, if you think about it, a woman who’s made her fortune in reality TV, really should be anyway.

Kim has been favoring the billowy numbers on her outings lately, clearly aiming for some much needed comfort in the final weeks of her pregnancy. Just the day before she was spotted in another breezy number from the Kollection, USA Today reported.

Kim Kardashian
Ever the fashionista, Kim has clearly been going for more comfortable attire of late.

Kim Kardashian, Beverly Hills