Kim Kardashian likes ''simple'' dates.

The reality TV star is romancing rapper Kanye West and while he recently whisked her away to Italy to celebrate her 32nd birthday, Kim insist she's not impressed by over-the-top gestures.

She said: ''I don't think romance is about one big thing, but about the way that someone treats you every day, and Kanye is very kind and thoughtful.

''I really like a guy who is confident, so I like a guy who has a plan for a date. There is nothing worse than a guy who shows up and just asks what I want to do.

''A really simple date of good food, and really good conversation with someone who I really have a spark with is perfect.''

Kim also revealed how bullies target her and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, on social networking sites but they cope with the abuse by doing their best to ignore them.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, she said: ''I am confident enough in myself that I just ignore it. But what worries me is young people on social media who take these remarks to heart.

''I would like to say to them that the faceless bullies that target you are people who are just too weak to make a stand in the real world. Be confident in yourself, hold your head high and ignore them.

''If someone is really suffering, then I would say to definitely speak to a friend or a parent.

''My sister Khloe was bullied a lot when she was younger, so we now actively take a stand against bullying to help put a stop to it.

''It's something we all feel very strongly about, and it's important that our fans support us in trying to get people to be kinder to each other.''