As Kim Kardashian dragged her beau, Kanye West to Paris fashion Week, Kanye was looking less than impressed. The previous night, the pair of them had been hanging out at the Bet awards on Los Angeles, where they chilled with Jay Z and Beyonce. Kim was cheering her partner on as he took to the stage to collect his awards with his musical partner Jay Z.
The Metro have published pictures of Kanye and Kim in Paris and Kanye seemed to have opted to wear exactly the same all-white outfit that he'd gone for the night before, whereas Kim had gone for black leather trousers and a black long sleeved blouse. Kanye's white clothes may have been sparking clean but he was sporting a pretty dirty look on his face and the hip-hop star didn't look at all pleased that he was getting dragged along to the fashion event with his girlfriend. He was probably still reminiscing about the night before. It was all about him, after all.
Out of the two of them, Kim was definitely the one with the enthusiasm yesterday. The reality TV star posted a message on her Twitter page almost as soon as they'd landed in Paris saying "Hopped off the plane in Paris, now in a Stephane Rolland fitting! Can't wait for his couture show tomorrow." Luckily for Kanye, though it wasn't all about dress fittings and catwalk shows; they managed to fit in a romantic trip to the Eiffel tower, as well.