As Kim Kardashian tumbles headlong into a fling with the man that Barack Obama labelled "a talented jackass," her family are offering up some words of advice. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have only been dating for a short time, but the Chicago Sun Times spoke to a 'Kardashian insider' who confirmed that Kanye is "truly smitten" with the reality TV star. The rest of the Kardashian clan are concerned that Kim should take things slow, especially given the recent debacle surrounding her farcical 72 day marriage to the basketball player Kris Humphries.
According to Sun Times, Bruce Jenner - Kim's step-dad has taken on the protective parent role and encouraged Kim to take things slow with Kanye but it wasn't long before the rest of the clan chipped in with their concerns, as well. Kris Jenner (her mother) and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney have warned her not to rush headlong into such a high-profile relationship. "They're just concerned," said their Kardashian source, "about her catching so much flak about her 72-day marriage." The source was keen to stress though, that their worries are no reflection of the egomaniac rapper. The Kardashians are all big Kanye fans, they simply don't want to see their beloved Kim in another emotional mangle.
Kim and Kanye's fling has been met with cynicism in Hollywood, though and bookies are already taking bets on the likelihood of the relationship lasting past Labor Day. "or even the Fourth of July."