Kim Kardashian's struggle to conceive has been well documented and the reality star has regularly discussed her issues with fertility whilst appearing on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The 34-year-old is desperate to have another baby, a sibling for her daughter North, with her husband Kanye West. However, Kardashian claims that if she does conceive, her next child will be her last which can be born naturally.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian will allegedly have to have her womb removed if she has another child.

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Indeed, if she gives birth again, she will have to undergo a hysterectomy. Kardashian apparently recently visited her doctor who explained that, after hypothetically giving birth to their next child, her uterus would have to be removed in emergency surgery. A new clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians shows Kardashian breaking the news to West. Kardashian is on the phone when she reveals her unhappy news. 

"I'm trying to get a hold of Kanye, because I just came from my fertility doctor and they need me to go into surgery to clear out something in my uterus," Kardashian says in the clip, as Yahoo reports.

Kardashian does eventually get hold of West and explains how she was distraught whilst at the doctors. She also attempts to explain the medical reasons why a hysterectomy would be a necessity. 

"This doctor that I saw today told me every worst case scenario he was like, When you have your baby, this will be your last one, because the problem is your placenta grew on your uterus," Kardashian explained. "So when you have another baby, your placenta will go right to that hole and then we'll have a team of doctors waiting right there, to remove your uterus and put you into emergency surgery right there because you can't bleed too much."

Poor Kim...

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