It seems like a distant memory when Kim Kardashian's selfie repertoire was updated on a daily, if not more frequent, basis. But after having baby North West and shedding the pounds thanks to the wonders of the Atkin's Diet, Kim is back to her former shape, and also back to her former selfie-taking self, as the reality star flaunted her body in a revealing Instagram photo.

Kim Kardashian
Kim regained her pre-baby figure thanks to the Atkin's Diet

The "no filter" picture was uploaded by Kim on Thursday (17 Oct.), showing off her famous and newly regained curvaceous figure. The snap garnered a lot of attention, as you would expect it to, especially from her hubby and baby daddy Kanye West. He shared the photo with his 10 million Twitter followers, tweeting "HEADING HOME NOW" along with a repost of the picture.

Kanye has been singing the praises of Kim recently, more so than usual, and even declared that the reality star deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her ongoing services to... that thing that she does. During his much-discussed appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, the rapper declared that his wife is more than worthy to have her name sit alongside Nicolas Cage, Cecil B. DeMille, the Beach Boys and other legendary entertainers. You know, because of that thing that she does. Sadly for Kim and Kanye, according to the New York Daily News, Kim doesn't qualify for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after all.

Earlier this year, when Kim was pregnant with North, she posed in a swimsuit during a photo shoot for Du Jour Magazine and said in an interview with the magazine that she has learnt from Kanye about the importance of privacy. She went on to say that she intends on keeping some aspects of her personal life a secret from now out, but apparently this doesn't include organising sex with her boyfriend over the internet.

Kim and Kanye
The couple are said to be happier than ever now they are parents