We had the “This Is Your Brain On Drugs” and the “Meth. Not Even Once” campaigns, but this one just takes the cake – the cake in this case being the title of Weirdest Anti-Drug Ad Ever.

Kim Kardashian
This is your Kim Kardashian.

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office Tennessee, based their new anti-drug campaign around two images of Kim Kardashian’s face. One shows her as she is – happy, healthy and with a thick layer in make-up. The second image, the “after”, has been digitally altered to demonstrate the effect meth would have on Kim’s glowing complexion. The image featured in a gallery in the drug enforcement section of the website, and appears designed to scare people into avoiding drug use, TMZ reports.

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This is your Kim Kardashian on meth.

You may be wordering at this point, “Wait, isn’t this very, very illegal?” Well, the Sheriff’s Office said that no one working there knew that the images were part of their anti-drug gallery. Apparently, the digitally altered photo was the work of a volunteer, who was no longer working there.

Kim is yet to undertake legal action (if at all), but the website has since been closed down and currently displays an “under construction” message.