Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have settled their divorce case.

Basketball player Kris - whose marriage to the reality TV star ended after just 72 days in 2011 - dropped his demands for an annulment due to fraud after being urged to settle by the judge and the couple will be officially divorced by June 19.

Kim appeared in court in Los Angeles on Friday (19.04.13), where she responded yes when asked if

irreconcilable differences led to the breakdown of the marriage.

A source told Us Weekly: ''Yes, it's done. [The court] realised there was no fraud and the judge urged Kris to settle. Finally it's over!''

While Kris missed a court appearance last week and was not present on Friday, the judge has ruled his failure to appear in court ''irrelevant'' now that the case is settled and he won't have to face any fines.

It was recently claimed Kim, 32, - who is pregnant with her first child with her 35-year-old boyfriend Kanye West - was ''furious'' with Kris for dragging out their divorce and was worn out by their ongoing battle.

A source close to the star, who has had a number of health scares during her pregnancy, said: ''Kim is furious with Kris! She wants to be divorced now and she is sick of his games.

''Kim is six-months pregnant and this would take a toll on anyone, she is no different.''

Kanye was also angry with Kris after he skipped last week's important divorce settlement court date.

An insider said: ''It irks everybody involved to know how shiesty [Kris] is. Kanye doesn't care that it makes him look bad in court for not showing up, he just wants this over and so does Kim!

''It's just sad this is taking so long, and this dude is going to try to drag this on forever.''