Little baby 'Kimye', as the foetus has been named by Khloe Kardashian, is already more famous than pretty much anyone else on the planet. More people cared about the union of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian than the American election, or so it seemed by Google's most searched list this year which was topped by Kim. While that fact is ever so slightly morally deflating, it also means that little Kimye holds the world in his or her tiny, as-yet-unformed, hands. Twitter is where the baby's fame has exploded, but what are the general public first thoughts? Let's take a look.  

One tweeter, like a concerned aunt, is thinking about who Kimye's friends will be: "Ok, Kim and Kanye's baby should totally become bff's with Kate and Williams baby. Making the British and American royalty come together."

Another hopes that the child will receive all the best genetic information available from the parents: "Kim and Kanye's baby will grow up to be so hot OMG"

One big fan of reality TV is thinks that Kimye will also be a shrewd businessman: "I'm sure Kim and Kanye's unborn child is already negotiating a reality TV show deal."

Another optimistic tweeter of the bunch hopes for a kind child: "How shocking would it be if Kim and Kanye's kid actually turned out to be a half-decent human being?"

However, the vast majority of the tweeting community simply deem Kimye to mark the world's end:

"I wonder if Kim and Kanye's baby is a ploy by the Emperor to destroy Earth from within..."

"Mayan prophecy fulfilled. The world is ending y'all. #kimye"

"Kim and Kanye are having a baby, finally the Death Star has a good enough reason to destroy Earth. #kimye"

Uh-oh! If the world really is in Kimye's hands, we're all doomed.