Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were finally engaged last month in the most lavish of ceremonies; one that was so grand that it had to be held inside a baseball stadium. As opulent as the whole thing was, the newly engaged pair wanted it to be a private event (until it get put on TV) and when a video emerged online from that faithful night, you can bet that they were both pissed when they discovered it.

Kim and Kanye
Kim and Kanye are not impressed with Hurley

Turns out that the person behind the camera wasn't just any regular Joe, but in fact the co-founder of YouTube, Chad Hurley. According to TMZ, Hurley was in attendance at the AT&T Arena in San Francisco and caught the momentous celebrity occasion on film, uploading the footage on to his next project, Mixbit. This has landed Hurley in deep trouble with Kimye, who had everyone in attendance sign a privacy guarantee contract upon entry, as he has not only betrayed the terms of the contract, but betrayed the power couple on a personal basis too. And that doesn't sit well with Kimye.

Its not that the couple are mad that Hurley filmed the event, after all, with this being Kim K and everything, the whole thing was being filmed anyway for use on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It is the fact that he uploaded it to the internet for widespread exposure that has prompted the legal action. That, and possibly due to the fact that he wasn't even invited to the event. As TMZ go on to say, Hurley wasn't given an invite to the lavish engagement, but being the co-founder of YouTube and all he was able to blag his way in to the exclusive shindig. Despite not being invited, he still had to sign one of the privacy wavers that forbade attendees from sharing any information about the engagement with the press.

Kim Kardashian ring
The diamond sparkler given to Kim by her future husband

Obviously, when someone intentionally breaks the terms of a pre-agreed deal for their own benefit, its a pretty dick-ish move, but we can understand what drove Hurley to do it in the first place. Mixbit hasn't been doing too well since it was launched earlier this year, struggling to establish itself in the crowded online market. Since putting the video on to the new site, it has experienced a surge in traffic and exposure, but is it really worth taking on the wrath of Kanye West? We guess this depends on how well the impending court date goes.

A court date is pending