Kim Kardashian looks as though she is ready to reemerge from her post-North West slumber and resume her profession as the most photographed person in the world. Having flown out from Los Angeles in the early hours of Friday morning (27 Sept.), leaving Kanye time to get into a fight with some paparazzi before they left, the two traded Paris for London as they continued their first trip away sans North West.

Kim and Kanye arrive in London
Kim and Kanye arrive in London on Sunday, 29 September

Kim and Kanye arrived at London's St Pancreas Station via the Eurostar train on Sunday, 29 September, after a brief stop in the French capital. Upon arrival, both of them looked fairly tired when they arrived, but still managed to dress the part and, according to certain reports, Kanye was even smiling as they walked through the station! Even as they were photographed! With her newly-dyed blonde locks and her face covered by a brown fedora, the parents were looking loved up as they walked through the crowded station, holding hands and trading smiles from time to time. We never knew Kanye had it in him.

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Never one to let his feelings go unnoticed, Kanye was particularly peeved for the majority of last week, and his few toothy grins are probably the result of finally having something other than Jimmy Kimmel and invasive photographers to worry about. Whilst in Paris, Kanye was actually charming the pants of some paparazzi, which up until then we were sure was one of the signs of the impending apocalypse.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian St Pancreas
The pair seemed tired when they arrived, but still manage to look good

Before he and Kim arrived in London on Sunday, he was videoed walking through the streets of Paris with the usual crowd of photographers hovering around him, making his usual request of "no questions!" And when no one did pester him and only took some photos, he couldn't believe it! Kanye was so pleased with the French paparazzi that he thanked them and even approached the guy filming him to shake his hand. Maybe next week he'll learn how to turn off caps lock when he's on Twitter and figure out how and when to use Spongebob memes.

The 'Black Skinhead' rapper is reportedly seeking to press charges over Friday's run-in with the paps outside his Los Angeles pad, citing them for trespassing. He is also due in court to face charges of battery and attempted grand theft following a run-in with a photographer at LAX in July. He has since denied the allegations and cited self defence for his actions.

Kanye West Kim Kardashian
The two are in Europe for an unspecified amount of time