Not only does Kim Kardashian have to worry about her impending divorce proceedings, the reality star is also being sued by comedian Rob Delaney over her failed marriage to Nba star Kris Humphries.
Delaney says his idea for a lawsuit has been brewing since he began seeing advertisements for the wedding cropping up on billboards around Los Angeles. Confirming the legal action to MTV News, the comedian said, "I'm suing Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest and E! Entertainment Television and Comcast for perpetrating what we now know to be a hoax, their marriage". Rob explained he would suing all those involved in the 'hoax' relationship, which lasted 72 days, for "monetary damages" of $18 million, adding, "That's just what she was paid for the wedding episodes themselves". Kardashian sensationally announced she is to divorce the New Jersey Nets star on Halloween, having been married for just over two months. Delaney says he is right to sue the reality star after he became "offended" by the level of publicity for a wedding that ultimately failed so quickly. Of the billboards, he noted, ".they weren't normal billboards; they were these super billboards, where they add extra stuff on and make them larger than normal".
It is still not clear why Kim and Kris have separated, though sources suggest they could not agree on whether to live in Los Angeles, New York or Minneapolis.