Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and rapper extraordinaire Kanye West have announced that they've decided to go ahead and name their daughter North after her birth on Saturday 15th June. A few days ago, we speculated whether the rumours surrounding rapper Kanye West's insistence that his newborn daughter should be named 'North' were true. Despite Kim's reality TV family putting a strong vote in for more K-shaped names, and specifically requesting that the couple didn't choose North, it seems they have been over-ruled.

Due to the little one arriving almost a month early, her celebrity parents hadn't picked a name yet - bouncing ideas back and forth - but Kanye was apparently lobbying hard for North. Somewhere along the line, he convinced his baby-mama to ignore her overbearing family and he got his own way.

Since the naming, Twitter has exploded in a cacophony of baby cooing, sympathy for North's potential life of ridicule, and many many jokes about the name choice. Some tweeters are more aggressive than others but there is an overarching theme of slight confusion pertaining to why the couple didn't pick a more 'normal' name like Mary, Brenda, or Louise.

No photos have been released of Baby North West (yes it does sound a bit like a designer fashion boutique for tots) but an insider close to Kim talking to MTV revealed that "She has black straight hair! Lots of it!" just like Mum Kim.

Both parents and baby are said to be doing well, with first-time Dad Kanye reported to be particularly besotted: "Kanye is in love...he won't leave her side!"

The insider also disclosed that North will not have a middle name, despite rumours originally suggesting she'd be called Kaidence Donda West, "They will call her Nori for short!"

It's not too late to change, folks, just saying!

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New Parents: Couple Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Name Their Daughter North.