What are the chances of Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton’s babies being born on the same day? Well, according to Paddy Power, we’re talking odds of 66/1. Although they haven’t offered any odds on the internet caving in on itself, if that actually does happen. According to the Irish Independent, a spokesperson for Paddy Power said “If both Kate and Kim do the double, the world's media will have a baby bonanza on their hands and a right royal fight will be had over those all-important first pictures.”

William Hill are already starting to feel the pinch, now that St James’ Palace have confirmed that the Duchess’ baby is due in July. They’ll be making a pretty big payout for that one and the fact that it will be born this year and their spokesman Rupert Adams joked “We can only hope that they don’t have a baby with ginger hair as that would break the bank.” There’s also a rush on people trying to guess the name of the royal baby, though initial claims that Kate was expecting twins have now been turned on their head so at least you only have one name to guess and not two, if you fancy risking a tenner on that one.

Meanwhile, news of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby (lil’ baby Kimye) is pretty much as important as a royal baby, in the world of celebrities, as Kim and Kanye are the equivalent of a royal couple in the world of hip-hop, reality TV and gossip mags. Now, if we could only arrange for a synchronized birth between them, that would send the worldwide web into overdrive. 

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