The Kardashian family have responded to claims that their clothing label manufactures clothes in a Chinese sweatshop by stating that there is "no truth to these allegations." An article on The Washington Post website today (December 22, 2011) refers to claims that were made in a Star magazine article, that clothes made by the family's fashion brand K-Dash are made in factories in China which employ children as young as sixteen and subject them to unsuitable working conditions.

Other brands affected by the allegations include the Kris Jenner Kollection (a collection of blazers, knits and outerwear, available on the QVC shopping channel) and ShoeDazzle, a footwear company endorsed by Kim Kardashian. A spokeswoman for the reality TV star family, Jill Fritzo, stated that the Kardashian family "take this situation very seriously and have been assured by all of their manufacturers that the factories are policed regularly." She went on to say that the family "are continuing to investigate the matter and if there is any evidence of an illegal operation then they will cease work with that manufacturer immediately."

According to, the Kardashian family is "gearing up to unleash a legal attack on everyone who claimed their clothing line is manufactured in child slave labor sweat shops in China" and this may involve paying for any damage caused to the brand's reputation since the allegations were made. Kris Jenner, the Kardashian family matriarch, has insisted that they have people who are "constantly patrolling for any possible violations" in their factories.