Reality TV star Kim Kardashian almost found herself stranded at a South African airport after she left her passport on the plane.
The socialite is currently on a trek of the continent with her sister Khloe and NFL player boyfriend Reggie Bush as part of Russell Simmons' Diamond Empowerment Fund.
But the trip took a sour turn as Kardashian landed in Johannesburg from Botswana, when she realised she had misplaced her most important travel documentation as she queued in the customs line.
And Kardashian was almost left behind in the airport after staff refused to let her leave the building without her ID.
She explains to, "They wouldn't let me out of customs line. They (airline staff) claimed they looked for it but I had a feeling they didn't. They called the embassy and said I would have had to sleep at the hotel airport."
However, her beau Bush came to the rescue - sweet-talking airline staff into letting him look for the passport on the plane.
She add, "Reggie begged to go check for the passport himself ... and he found it! He saved the day!"