Kim Kardashian had no idea opera superstar Andrea Bocelli would be singing at her wedding until she began walking down the aisle.

The reality Tv star wed rapper Kanye West in a lavish ceremony in Florence, Italy last month (May14), and guests including John Legend and director Steve MCQueen watched as she arrived to the sound of Bocelli's singing.

However, Kardashian thought the song was pre-recorded because West had hired Bocelli without her knowledge.

She tells, "I got up the altar and didn't even see him (Bocelli) standing there. And I turned around when my sisters were helping me fix my veil, and I did a double-take - I thought it was a Cd of him singing.

"He sounded so amazing. And it was really him. I was blown away. It was so Kanye to have him there. I should have expected that.

"He seems to be able to... surprise me and that's hard to do. The fact that he can surprise me is really good."