If you’re Kanye West, there might come a time when you regret setting the bar so high with gifts. In the past he’s lavished Kim Kardashian with a hand painted Birken bag and a literal wall of flowers then of course there was that massive engagement ring. But West may have just outdone himself in the extravagant/strange stakes with Kim’s wedding gift as he’s reportedly given his new bride a semi-nude portrait, of herself!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestJust married: Kanye's gift to Kim is interesting

The Mirror reports that Kanye commissioned anonymous street artist Bambi to create a painting which was “something regal but typically Kim”. With that brief in mind, the finished product depicts Kim, wearing nothing but a g-string and a pair of Louboutin heels and is entitled ‘The Perfect Bitch.’

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Really, we can’t say we’re surprised by Kanye deciding to honour his new wife in such a tasteful and classic manner. After all, remember his recent track, ‘I Won’ where he told Kim he wanted to ‘’dip that ass in gold’. Well, maybe a thong painting is the next best thing.

As much as we can admire Bambi’s skills, we’re not too sure if the finished product really matches Kanye’s brief. Yes it is typically Kim, but how regal does one really look kneeling in a thong? This is a pose we’re sure Kate Middleton would never assume, even in the privacy of her boudoir.

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It’s hard to say what Kim might think of her husband’s latest gift. We're sure she’s happy he admires her form so much, but does anyone, even Kim Kardashian, want a semi nude portrait of themselves? Especially, if the reports are correct that Kanye plans to hang it above the couple’s bed. Isn’t it all ever so slightly strange? Actually the only thing that would be stranger is if the couple had a half nude portrait of someone else hanging above their bed. But that would never happen because in Kimye’s world, only they exist.

For those of you who are looking at the painting and thinking you'd like a near naked Kim hanging in your bedroom, you might just be in luck, as Bambi’s manager told the Mirror, “So far it’s a one-off but we weren’t told the image had to remain exclusive, so she could have more in the pipeline.” Fantastic, so that’s our Christmas gift list sorted then.