Four days after the birth of their daughter (the as of yet anonymous baby girl Kardashian) Kim has left the posh Cedars-Sinai hospital along with the little one and is now resting up with Kanye in a private location. The couple left the deluxe maternity suite yesterday, on June 19th, according to but even that qualified as an extended stay. The typical stay at Cedars-Sinai amounts to two days, but we’re sure Kim made good use of the extra bit of R&R. The mother-to-be checked into the lavish pad on June 15, mere hours before going into labour and having her baby in the morning on the same day.

And of course, the miracle of birth never really comes easy, but we’re sure Kim’s experience was made infinitely more pleasant by the amenities in the $3,320-a-night pad, which include food service, several flat screen TV’s – you know, what every new mother needs. Apparently the suite also provides ample room for hosting a large number of guests, which probably came in handy, considering the size of the Kardashian-Jenner clan alone. Kanye probably managed to squeeze in a few relatives too.

The “private location" that Kim and Kanye have moved to after checking out, might not be as private as they think, what with Kim’s momager Kris Jenner saying that the couple are actually staying with her, until they get their own place in Beverly Hills sorted. That sounds like a lot of moving around for someone, who’s just given birth, but we’re going to go out on a limb and assume that neither Kim nor Kanye do any of the heavy lifting.

Kim Kardashian, LA
Four days later, Kim and baby are doing great.

Kanye West, Beverly Hills
By all accounts, Kanye is one doting dad.