Against popular belief, a source has told HollywoodLife that Kris Humphries, who is still married to Kim Kardashian, would like nothing more than to be rid of her all together, especially now that she's pregnant with Kanye West's child. And, we all know that Kim can't wait to be free to marry Kanye, so what's taking so long?

"Kris is really focused on basketball and all he wanted was for Kim to admit that she only married him because she was forced to for ratings for E! but now that he can never get her to admit that, he wants this to be over," the source tells HollywoodLife. "He actually doesn't like the negative attention this is causing him and he wants Kim to continue moving on with Kanye. He wants the divorce to be over soon. You better believe it'll be done very soon, they'll be divorced before she gives birth." If only she'd confess she'd be rid of him forever! 

It was revealed on The Today Show earlier this week that Kim's baby is due in July (just like Kate Middleton) but there are fears that she wont be divorced from Kris by then! Speaking to Khloe, Kim said: "The judge says we will be divorced in 2013." Sadly, at the moment, divorce seems to be "A really expensive dream that won't leave [her] alone."

Here she is with Kourtney arriving at Today: