Surprise! Oh hang on, no… this particular little nugget of celebrity news story will come as a surprise to no one. Except possibly Justin Bieber, who will undoubtedly be having a hissy fit in his overalls right now. That’s right folks. The news you’ve all been waiting for. Kim Kardashian has snatched Bieber’s crown as’s most searched-for celebrity.

This of course, will be a terrible blow for Bieber, who also got bumped off his ‘most watched YouTube’ throne, quite unceremoniously, by South Korean rapper Psy. Oh, the shame. I mean, all those MTV Awards, America Music Awards, the cash, the accolades… they all mean NOTHING if you are not the most searched for celebrity on, right? Well, that particular title now belongs to none other than the almighty Kim Kardashian, queen of reality TV, queen of extraneous product lines and queen of general famous for being famousness. The 32 year old is clearly such an important role model to people across the globe that they simply have to search online to keep up to date with her every social movement. Well done Kim, you have worked so hard to get where you are today.

Kim was the top of a Top 10 list comprised almost solely of women. Bieber was a lone male, in a sea of chicks, with Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift all up there keeping him company. Of course, people are only searching for Selena Gomez because they want to know what Bieber’s up to, so she can expect to drop pretty swiftly off that list next year now that they’re no longer dating. Sorry Selena. 

Here's Kim Kardashian proving why she's such an insirational celebrity figure... She's so famous she can no longer apply her own makeup: