There’s no such thing as ‘big news’ when it comes to the world of Kim Kardashian. There is simply ‘constant news.’ Kim is simply never out of the headlines. The announcement of her pregnancy was, of course, a big deal in the world of social media and popular websites alike. Now that we have all acquainted ourselves with the concept of little baby ‘Kimye,’ the ‘news’ that seems to be gracing the headlines is that… well… there is no news. No one can see her baby bump yet, but it seems to be very important that everybody knows that nobody can see her baby bump yet.

When Kim stepped out in a racy outfit in Calgary on Friday (January 4, 2012), the world had one eye on where her bump should be and another on her cleavage – which was very much on display, under a sheer black blouse. And so, the headlines were divided. Half (like The Mirror) chose to tell us what we already know: that Kim Kardashian has a voluptuous figure and an impressive cleavage and the other half (such as Celebs Gather) informed us that there’s very little progress in the baby bump department.

The expected arrival date of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby has not been revealed but it’s likely that Kim is around three months pregnant. So just another six months of daily bump updates, then.