As the sister show to AMC's hit zombie apocalyptic series 'The Walking Dead', 'Fear The Walking Dead' had a lot to prove upon its conception. It's now fair to say that it's gone above and beyond expectations, with the AMC network renewing the show for a fourth season before the third had even gone to air.

Kim Dickens stars alongside Cliff Curtis in 'Fear The Walking Dead'Kim Dickens stars alongside Cliff Curtis in 'Fear The Walking Dead'

Bringing the drama back to the small screen last night (June 4) in the US as the third season kicked off, viewers were shocked to see one of the show's leading characters killed off in spectacular fashion. Note: There are spoilers on exactly who that was ahead...

None other than Travis - played by Cliff Curtis - was killed off in the show. It comes after his son Chris was murdered in season 2 of 'Fear', with the family patriarch leaving behind his partner Madison (Kim Dickens) and her two children, Nick and Alicia. Dickens has now spoken out about how she dealt with the character's death...

"You know, honestly, we all adore each other and love being together," the actress said in a chat with CinemaBlend. "We love our stories together as a family and an extended family that we created, so we always miss it when we're separated, when any of the characters get separated out. So obviously the turn that happens is dealt as a blow that we have to deal with. But we're actors. We manage. It's the nature of our job, it's hard. We're a family. It's tough, it hurts."

She added of the specific death scene: "I wasn't on set for that scene because, you know, Cliff didn't want a lot of - it's emotional to leave and everything - so we all sort of said our goodbyes and had dinner and stuff together. We all had our process beforehand, and I've seen Cliff since, in L.A. We've spent time together since, so you know, we get all emotional about everything."

It's great to hear that the emotional ties exist not only between the show's characters, but their real-life acting counterparts. Whilst we won't be seeing Travis' physical presence on screen anymore as we move forward with this story, he'll still certainly be felt as an integral piece to this series coming together. A lot of people didn't think 'Fear' would last past a single season, but Curtis' acting and bringing Travis to life was one of the reasons that it did.

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'Fear The Walking Dead' continues Sundays in the US on AMC and on AMC UK on BT TV exclusively in the UK.