Kim Cattrall has been left devastated after discovering her grandfather was a bigamist.
The Sex and the City star appeared on British television series Who Do You Think You Are?, in which celebrities trace their family trees, and she was left stunned when she uncovered a truth about her maternal grandfather.
Cattrall asked researchers to find out what had happened to him after he mysteriously disappeared in 1939, and she discovered he married someone else while still married to her grandmother.
Cattrall, who was born and brought up in Liverpool, England before finding success in Hollywood, admits she found it difficult telling her mum and two aunts the truth because she didn't want to ruin their high hopes about what had happened to their dad.
She says, "The most difficult thing was telling my mother and her sisters the truth of what became of their father. I felt I was ruining their last fantastic hope of what became of him. He was unremarkable except in his selfishness.
"Ultimately, who am I to judge my grandfather? His story will eventually integrate into our lives and we'll carry on just like we've always done. We are British, after all. In the end, this became a story not about my grandfather's desertion, but about my mother and her two sisters surviving it. For that, I am profoundly proud and grateful."