Kim Cattrall doesn't want to be a "Barbie doll".

The 54-year-old actress - famed for her role as maneater Samantha Jones in the 'Sex And The City' franchise - says she is happy to look her age and has no intention of going under the surgeon's knife.

She said: "I love setting the gauntlet down and saying, 'This is what I look like without make-up and great lighting'. I'm not interested in being a Barbie doll and making myself into a sausage for the next 20 years."

Kim admits that she would like to follow the path of actresses Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren as they are known for their acting skills rather than their youthful looks.

She added: "I want to go and be like the actresses who have lines on their face, look their age and are not frightened of portraying actresses who are such."

Kim has previously revealed she is petrified of going under The Knife and has no interest in undergoing cosmetic procedures.

The blonde beauty said: "I don't want to look 19. I don't want to look as perfect and beautiful as the fabulous Carey Mulligan.

I like the way I look. And when I look at my mum I have less to be frightened of - I am blessed with her cheekbones, and those help."