Kiefer Sutherland was lucky to catch a glimpse of the London hospital where he was born - because the facility was demolished on the day he visited.
The 24 star was born in the British capital in 1966 at St Mary's Hospital, which was destroyed earlier this year (10) after the wards moved to a new building nearby.
And when Sutherland finally got round to organising a trip his birthplace, he was stunned to see the hospital demolished as he watched.
He tells Britain's Nuts magazine, "My mother and father both went to school here (U.K.). I met a friend in London recently and I wanted to show him St Mary's Hospital in West London where I was born... St Mary's Hospital moved across the street.
"We got there and I went, 'My gosh, that's where I was born.' It was the first time I'd seen it since December 21st 1966. Then a wrecking ball came from out of nowhere and took out the wall. The timing was unbelievable."