One of The USA’s longest running TV dramas returns to screens on Monday, May 5 (Wednesday 7 for The U.K). It sees Jack Bauer return to our screens in a new series of 24. Kiefer Sutherland has expressed worry regarding the legacy of the show, but is confident that this truncated (the season is 12 episodes, not 24) will only add to the impressive back-catalogue left behind by the popular thriller.

Live Another DayJack Bauer sneaks about in 24: Live Another Day

“I felt really confident about the eight seasons we had done, and there was no different approach for me. We weren’t trying to retell the story. … It was just kind of getting back into the character and the nervousness of opening up the can again,” explained Sutherland told Niagara Frontier Publications in a conference call from New York that featured many different journalists. (Via)

The new plot sees Bauer in London, and he’s on the run again, simultaneously dodging government feds and trying to save the world from all out war. Meanwhile, Jack's closest confidante Chloe O'Brian has been aiding and abetting the federal fugitive. It’s a slightly different format for the show, comprising 12 episodes and jumping back and forth. But that change is something Sutherland sees as positive. 

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The one great advantage that we have, and why I think we can make the best season ever, is that we’re doing 12 episodes, not 24,” he explained, according to The Daily Mirror. “The 12 episodes will obviously represent a 24-hour day and they will still be in real time, but if I need to get from here to France, the hour of me on the train eating peanuts can be cut out! And that’s a huge opportunity for the writers."