Kids On Bridges, Interview

Interview with Christian Bragg from Kids On Bridges at The Secret Garden Party

I caught up with Christian from Kids On Bridges prior to his band's electric performance in The Remix tent at The Secret Garden Party. Before he set the crowd alight with his North West blend of Dirty Filthy Electro Pop we talked about football, New Orleans and music.

CM; So Christian, how do you feel about your recent comparisons to the Pet Shop Boys?
Christian; To be honest it's quite an honour really. I mean recently we recorded with Steve Dubber who's worked with the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk, but we're more song oriented. I can see the association, some people say we're like the scally Pet Shop Boys., the Indie Pet Shop Boys, so I'm happy to go with that, it's a great honour.

CM; I see that your style has been likened to Daft Punk vs. the Killers.
Christian; Yeah another comparison I'm happy to go with, I won't grumble with any of them.

CM; There's a stereotype of dark brooding musician at the keys and an avant-garde lyricist, like Soft Cell or Sparks, are you happy to aspire to that image?
Christian; Well I mean lyrics are really important to the band so I write like from a lyrical point before any of the music's done so, the idea of the band was to have this dirty northern back drop but with lyrics that actually meant something but with this glitzy pop music behind it, that you don't really notice but you can dance to it, and the lyrics over it are quite dark, so yeah that fine by me.

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