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Smile and say cheese; this sex tape thing is goin a little far on the cheesey side don't you think?Really, both of the male parties involved were single and over 21.They knew what they were doing;I mean isn't it obvious?As far as the four girls, so far I haven't heard any complaints out of them and if it takes them seven years to decide they were not having a good time; well, then they deserve what they get.It didn't looked like to me that anyone was tying down the other one!I am no photo geru but, it appears in what I've seen of the scenery that the camera was passed around.Everyone was having a good time, no one was there against thier own will therefore what's the big deal?The fact that someone is goin to get really rich over this little act and or don't want the public in general to know what sexual pleasures they enjoy?I've seen better porno on a late night showing on the television at home.Geeze guys, you sure don't have a hard time goin to the bar to ck out the tata's;so What exactly is it that you are trying to hide?We have all ( been there , done that).Atleast, the vast majority of consenting adults; it's not something I'm going to run out and get to show to my children or even shock their grandparents with. So, I think there is a valuable lesson to be learnt here:If you are going to keep the lights on,keep the cameras off and there won't be any internet action further down the road

Posted 9 years 8 months ago by KIDROCK1BADASS


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