Republican supporter Kid Rock has voiced his backing for U.S. President-elect Barack Obama - declaring the Democrat's election win as "a great thing for black people".
The All Summer Long rocker, who had previously pledged his allegiance to President George W. Bush, insists he is happy to see Obama make history as the first African-American to become the head of state.
And he hopes the Illinois senator's victory at the polls earlier this month (Nov08) will change the world's view of America as a "racist" nation.
The Michigan-born singer says, "I'm patriotic so I'm just happy the people's voice has been heard. I will support him until I have reason not to.
"It's a great thing for black people. Black people were kind to me growing up and taught me hip-hop and the blues, so it's good the U.S. has proved it's not as racist as it's sometimes portrayed."