Kid Rock's representatives have taken aim at Canadian politicians over a cancelled concert in Halifax last year (10), alleging city councillors failed to help save the gig.
The rocker was due to perform alongside other acts including the Counting Crows and Daughtry at a two-night event called Halifax Rocks 2010. The first night was cancelled due to low ticket sales, but the second show, featuring the Black Eyed Peas, went ahead.
Rock's reps at his Creative Artists Agency (Caa) have now written to Halifax city councillors after it came to light that the organisation allegedly handed over $400,000 (£250,000) to the promotion company behind the event to save the Black Eyed Peas show and a separate event featuring Alan Jackson.
Caa bosses now insist they are "due a remedy" as the council allegedly ignored their attempts to rescue the Kid Rock show and only helped out with the second night of the Halifax Rocks 2010 event.
Angie Rho of the Caa writes, "(We are considering) holding the municipality of Halifax accountable for its actions... In short, our clients are due a remedy for the festival's breach of its promise to them."