Kid Rock can hunt with a bow and arrow.

The 'Cucci Galore' singer is a keen huntsman and when it came to taking up a new weapon, he decided to put in a call to his friend and fellow rock star, Ted Nugent.

He said: ''Ted Nugent's one of the best bowhunters in the world. He's been bowhunting since the 50s, so I called Uncle Ted and he said, 'Come on, I'll give you a little lesson.' So we had lessons and now I'm ready to knock down a big one and get me some good venison meat. It's like a rush - you've got to wait for that big monster to get right in front of your blind and then you've got to draw the arrow back. It's quite an adrenalin rush.''

Kid, 41, added he doesn't know where he gets either his hunting or musical instincts from, as no-one else in his family plays an instrument or hunts animals.

He added to Classic Rock magazine: ''Nobody in my family hunts. Sometimes I wonder, am I the Milkman's kid? But my mom and dad did love music.

''They had a very eclectic record collection, from all the Motown and the Sun records. They loved The [Rolling]

Stones and Sir Elton John and Fleetwood Mac, it was just a great collection.''