Country rocker Kid Rock has been subpoenaed to testify against hip-hop stars Insane Clown Posse and their label employees in an ongoing lawsuit filed against the duo by a former publicist.

Andrea Pellegrini, who also served as the rappers' lawyer, launched legal action against her former clients last September (13) amid allegations of harassment, claiming she had been "mocked" and "belittled", and turned into "the subject of sexual advances" by a number of employees at the band's Psychopathic Records offices in Michigan, including co-worker Dan Diamond, aka Dirty Dan.

She listed a number of harassment incidents in her suit, including one in which Diamond tried to give her a glass sex toy after learning she was single.

He confessed to the cheeky act during his deposition in Las Vegas on Friday (18Jul14), revealing he ended up handing the phallus-shaped product to Kid Rock after Pellegrini rebuffed his saucy gift.

Kid Rock has now been ordered to produce the sex toy in court within 14 days.

Pellegrini is suing for harassment and wrongful termination after she was reportedly fired for reporting the disrespectful acts to label bosses in November, 2012, after three years with the firm.