Kid Rock is mad about antiques.

The 42-year-old singer decided he needed a new hobby after growing tired of his rock 'n' roll lifestyle on tour, and has quickly become obsessed with snapping up vintage furniture and artefacts for bargain prices.

Speaking on talk show 'Chelsea Lately', he laughed: ''You know, on the road, you have a lot of days off. Playing the show is easy. But what do you do for the other 22 hours?''

Rock then revealed the band ''hit up every strip club when we were very young, [but] that gets old'', so he had to find a more intellectually stimulating way to spend his free time.

He joked, ''I got into antiquing!'', adding that his pricey pastime had recently encountered a major obstacle, saying, ''There's no more antiques to buy!''

Chat show host Chelsea Handler was less than impressed with his decidedly un-macho passion, scoffing: ''That's so gay!''

The bubbly blonde wasn't expecting that kind of answer from the rocker when she invited him on her E! show, especially in return to the question: ''Do you just get high [or] wasted every single day? It's totally cool if you do.''

Rock has also joined the campaign to return Justin Bieber's pet monkey, Mally, which is currently facing several months in quarantine in Germany after being confiscated by customs officials - by threatening to kill David Hasselhoff.

In a humorous video made for Jimmy Kimmel, he joked: ''Hi I'm Kid Rock. The Germans have four days to return Bieber's monkey or we off 'The Hoff'. Do what's right, or 'Mr Baywatch' bites the bait.''