Kid Rock is adamant he hasn't compromised his principals by allowing his new album to be sold on iTunes, insisting he had to change his stance to keep up with the demand for digital music.

The rocker has long criticised online retailers such as Apple's iTunes store for allowing albums to be broken up with tracks sold off individually, but he has now relented and given permission for his new record, Rebel Soul, to go online.

Kid Rock insists he still doesn't agree with many aspects of the digital marketplace, but he had to embrace change to move forward.

He tells, "I still don't believe that all pieces of music are the same price. I just don't think that's American...

"As a musician, you want the music in as many hands as you can get it into. More importantly, I want people to get the music for the fairest price, and in the most convenient way. And that's really turned into iTunes when you're talking about selling albums."

The star goes on to joke he may now even consider joining a social networking website, adding, "Who knows? F**k, maybe I'll check this Twitter thing out next."