Kid Rock has lifted the lid on the shady practice of ticket re-sales in the music industry, revealing he is guilty of 'scalping' seats to his own shows.

The musician, who recently announced plans for a budget-friendly summer (13) tour, has confessed his team allegedly resold tickets to his concerts on exchange website for more than their retail value.

Rock made the confession in an interview with Tv host Piers Morgan, telling the presenter he fears many others artists are making money in the same way.

He says, "I'm going to tell people, a lot of artists already do it. I think I've been guilty of it in the past, too. We take some of our tickets, we put them on StubHub, overcharge with what the market determines they're worth... I'm taking 1,000 of them and I'm scalping them."

Rock insists he is making amends by taking a pay cut to provide low-price tickets for his upcoming $20 Best Night Ever tour, with seats selling for as little as $20 (£12.50), and he will also keep food and drink prices down and provide free coffee at the end of every show.

He adds, "People are going to be pleasantly surprised when they come in there and they see, you know, four hot dogs and two Cokes for $20... We're going to give free coffee at the end."

Kid Rock will kick off the tour in Virginia on 28 June (13).