Kid Rock is ''disappointed'' with Maroon 5.

The 'American Bad Ass' rapper-turned-singer though the 'Payphone' group showed promise when they first came out, but is sad that they have turned into a pop act.

He told Classic Rock magazine: ''So many people don't [evolve as artists] - they just go for the common denominator.

''I thought that when Maroon 5 came out they were making some pretty good music and now they've just become pop artists, its disappointing man.

''You hit that pop stardom, man, you find out one day that they don't give a flying f**k about your ass.''

Kid, 41, also said he's very proud of the message of his new track 'Cucci Galore', as it reminds him of the anger his older tracks had.

He said: '' 'Cucci Galore', is a real, 'middle finger in the air' Kid Rock song. As I've said before, when I was young I didn't invent 'F**k you', I just perfected it.''

Kid Rock's ninth studio album 'Rebel Soul' is out now.