Yesterday (20th Nov. 2012), CBS received an envelope addressed to Khloe Kardashian, who is currently presenting the American x factor, which was filled with what an unidentified white powder, report TMZ.

Apparently, after investigations, the powder turned out simply to be talcum powder, but naturally the best action is a course of 'better safe than sorry'. The Examiner report the show saying that "Khloé is fine. The studio has hired extra security. Khloé is heading to rehearsals right now. She is not worried." There was a letter inside the envelope as well, but we're unaware as to what, if anything, was written. There have been two other 'white powder' incidents in letters to CBS in the past, but again those instances have turned out to be a talcum powder like substance as well.

Laura Eimiller from the FBI confirmed the reports to E! saying "The item was field tested with negative results... We have a continuing investigation." In less worrying news about another Kardash, Kourtney has got engaged to Scott Disick. The couple have been together for years and even have two children together, but it seems that now is the right time for the nuptials to take place. Hopefully Khloe will be in a good enough mood to enjoy the family celebrations that are bound to ensue. Congrats!